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3 Common Misconceptions about Yoga Teachers

I have been a yoga teacher for nearly three years now and I have noticed a few common misconceptions about yoga teachers. So I decided it’s time for me to debunk the three most common misunderstandings about what it means to be a yoga teacher.

All yoga teachers are calm and centered all the time.

Yoga teachers, like everyone else, have good days and bad days. Some of us have anxiety or depression and that is what brought us to yoga and meditation. Just because someone is a yoga teacher doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t yell or get angry. I’ve been told that due to my fiery personality, people are surprised that I am a yoga teacher. News flash: yoga teachers can be passionate and wild, or calm and gentle, or all of the above all at once. There is no one size fits all.

Yoga teachers know how to do every pose.

Not all yoga teachers choose to practice every pose—mainly because every body is structured differently so not every body can do every pose. Some yoga teachers have back problems and stay away from intense backbends. Others are not comfortable with inversions. Whatever it may be, not all yoga teachers can do each and every pose you see on Instagram. As a result, not every yoga teacher teaches every pose. I personally only guide students through poses that I can get into and out of comfortable and safely in case a student asks for a demonstration.

Once I become a yoga teacher, I will let go of everything that weighs me down.

I wish I knew how completely untrue this was before I started my yoga training. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that will get rid of all of your trauma and baggage. Yoga can however, give you the tools to learn about and work on yourself. Personally, yoga has helped me take in less of what is not good for me. Since completing my yoga training, I have let go of toxic people in my life, adopted a more positive outlook, and forgiven myself for past mistakes.

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Leah Pinkus


7 thoughts on “3 Common Misconceptions about Yoga Teachers

  1. Good points! So many misconceptions about yoga instructors — I’m always amazed at how many students ask me for medical advice. I’m forever saying, “You need to ask your doctor. I’m just a yoga instructor.”

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  2. Hey , I’m 5 feet and it’s really concerned me about my short height. Is height matter for yoga instructor job. I want to become yoga instructor.


    1. You can 100% become a yoga instructor! Yoga is for everyone, whether you are 5 feet tall or 7 feet tall it doesn’t matter. I would say that during your teacher training, pay particular attention to the anatomy curriculum. Corrections are different for every body and it is important to make sure you are conscious that some people are structured differently from you and each other. Hope that helps!


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