Galveston, An Inexpensive Treat in Winter

Just outside of Houston you will find the quaint island town of Galveston. With a variety of restaurants and the Pleasure Pier located right on the water, Galveston is a walkable and easy-to-navigate seaside city. And during the winter the prices deflate making it an inexpensive city to explore as well. So if you feel up for a jaunt to this Texas beach town, here are a few things you can do during your winter weekend.

Walk the Beach

Whether you are an early morning riser, sunset enjoyer, or stargazer, there is never a bad time to walk the beach at Galveston. We found the beach was typically less populated during the early morning hours, so we enjoyed long morning walks and watched the seagulls fly across the water to catch their breakfast.

Visit the Pleasure Pier

A family-friendly amusement park with rides, games, and classic snacks, the Galveston Pleasure Pier has all the classics and with a view of the ocean. You’ll all your favorite rides at Pleasure Pier: the ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousal, and even bumper cars (for both little kids and older individuals). We enjoyed a long afternoon exploring every ride—some twice! Pro tip: Head to their website and purchase your tickets in advance so you can get through the line faster!

Visit the Museums & Walk the Town

Galveston also has a variety of museums and historical attractions ranging from the Galveston Railroad Museum and Lone Star Flight Museum to the Moody Mansion and the Ashton Villa—one of the first residences built on the island and saved from demolition in 1970. Just remember to bring your mask!

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus

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