7 Pillow-Supported Yoga Poses to Inspire Calm Before Bed

Between the coronavirus pandemic and every other disaster that has hit the world this past year, 2020 has been anything but calm and relaxing. As a result many people’s (namely my) quality of sleep has suffered. So if you are like me, finding yourself struggling to fall and stay asleep or waking up incredibly stiff, these seven yoga poses may help you relax before bed so you can get to sleep faster and sleep better.

Pillow-Supported Child’s Pose

Relieve lower back pain before bed by enjoying a deep supported child’s pose. Start on all fours on your bed. Place a pillow underneath your belly. Relax your sits bones toward your heels and extend your arms long in front. Take 7–10 deep breaths.

Pillow-Supported Pigeon Pose

Start on all fours with a pillow between your hands. Position one knee underneath your chest and slide the other knee back, straightening your back leg. Lower down onto the pillow, turn your head to one side and wrap your arms around the pillow. Take 5–10 deep breaths. Repeat on other side.

Pillow-Supported Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold

Sit up on your bed with your legs spread apart. Fold a pillow, or stack two or three pillows together, to support your head. Fold forward, resting your head on the stack of pillows. Take 10 deep breaths and allow yourself to relax into this hip-opening stretch.

Pillow-Supported Supine Twist

Lie on your back with a pillow supporting your back and head, arms out. Bring your right leg up to your chest, twist the leg across your body. Bend your left knee so that your foot is behind you. Your hips should be turned completely onto their side, but shoulders stay flat on the bed. Take 5–7 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Pillow-Supported Legs Up the Wall

This highly restorative pose is ideal to practice before bed. Position a pillow near a wall. In one swift movement swing your legs up the wall and place your low back on the pillow. Wiggle yourself as close to the wall as is comfortable for you. Breath deeply for several minutes here.

Pillow-Supported Butterfly

Lie on your back with a pillow supporting your head and upper back. Place the soles of your feet together and allow your knees to fall open. If this feels too intense, place a pillow underneath each knee. Stretch your arms out to the sides, palms facing the ceiling, and roll your shoulders back and down. Take at least 10 full breaths.

Supported Savasana

Prepare for this final pose before bed by placing a pillow underneath your hips. Lie on your back and relax your legs out long, allowing your toes to naturally turn outward, and rest your arms along your sides, palms facing up. Get comfortable and take 10 deep breaths, or until you fall asleep.

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus

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