The Ice Castles of Dillion

There’s no law that says you have to be a skier or snowboarder to enjoy the many ski towns and mountains of Colorado. As a hiking enthusiasts with limited experience skiing and no experience snowboarding, I prefer to tube down or snow shoe through the snowy hills of places like Winter Park and Copper Mountain. But my favorite winter activity—one that requires no equipment—is wandering through the ice castles of Dillon. Located half an hour north of Breckenridge, Dillon is home to the famous ice castles three to four months out of the year, weather permitting.

Entrance to the ice castles of Dillon, Colorado.
Entrance to the ice castles of Dillon, Colorado.

These gorgeous ice fortresses are expertly crafted by Ice Castles LLC and require millions of pounds of ice and thousands of icicles. A castle of ice is not a place for those that get cold easily. Be sure to dress warm and wear waterproof shoes.

You’ll find more than 10,000 icicles throughout the ice castles.

With Breckenridge only a half hour away, check out the popular ski resort town after thoroughly enjoying the ice castles of Dillon. Taking artsy photos while strolling through downtown Breckenridge makes for a fun and easy afternoon.

A flag waving in the wind over downtown Breckenridge.

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus

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