Most-Photographed Colorado Mountains: Maroon Bells

Located just minutes outside of Aspen, Colorado, the Maroon Bells are widely known as the most-photographed mountains in Colorado (arguably North America). Set behind the beautiful Maroon Lake, the Maroon Bells are comprised of red mudstone. While this deep red clay and mud is easy to distinguish, the soft and crumbly material proves difficult for [...]

The Ice Castles of Dillion

There’s no law that says you have to be a skier or snowboarder to enjoy the many ski towns and mountains of Colorado. As a hiking enthusiasts with limited experience skiing and no experience snowboarding, I prefer to tube down or snow shoe through the snowy hills of places like Winter Park and Copper Mountain. [...]

Water-Falling Through July

In January, Jake got a job offer in New Mexico. So I left my job in Denver and we moved to Santa Fe. I celebrated my birthday at Meow Wolf on February 16. By March, I was teaching various classes at diverse yoga studios in Santa Fe and via Skype. By the time April rolled [...]

Memorial Day Weekend at Crawford Lake

Every year, Jake's family goes to Crawford Lake for Memorial Day weekend. Every May, without fail, his parents, brother and family including the in-laws, and even family friends come out for a three-day weekend campout along the lake. Having never had roots or many lasting traditions, the idea of retreating to the same place each [...]

How to Raft the Colorado River Like a Pro

The ocean may be endless, but a river is boundless. It knows no limitations. It flows where ever it pleases, carving out beautiful canyons, creating isolated islands, and building caves and natural hot springs along the way. And the best way to truly enjoy what a river has to offer is by rafting it. On [...]