“Secret” Hot Springs of Los Alamos

While Instagram is a great way to learn about new places to travel to, some places aren’t on the Instagram radar quite yet. And while it may be a little harder to get to these places, it also means they are not yet swarming with influencers looking for the next best Instagram pic.

I couldn’t help but push up into wheel pose on this massive fallen tree.

Jake had heard about it from a friend: a winding trail leading to a secluded group of warm pools—the “secret” hot springs of Los Alamos. I was packing my backpack and charging my camera battery before he even finished telling me about it.

We drove 45 minutes outside of Los Alamos and into the wilderness. We started to hike and most of the time, we couldn’t tell if we were hearing the sound of the water rushing down the river or the wind zipping through the trees. I couldn’t help but stop every few minutes to take photos of the unparalleled beauty of nature.

View from the trail.
View from the trail to the “secret” hot springs of Los Alamos.

After a three-mile hike, we finally made it to the watering holes. We stripped down to our swimsuits and allowed the water to work its magic on our sore feet. We giggled as the tiny fish tickled our toes. It wasn’t until our stomachs started rumbling that we decided to leave. Pro top: bring lots of snacks so you can stay in the natural hot springs longer than 20 minutes.

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus

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