The Lithia pool at Ojo Caliente spa.

The Sacred Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs

Rumored to be the Fountain of Youth, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa is the ultimate oasis in the middle of the high desert. From the five distinct mineral pools—lithia, iron, soda, arsenic, and kiva—to the inviting hammocks and beautiful cliffs surrounding the resort, this spa resort is pure magic. Over the years there have been several accounts of individuals claiming to be cured from ailments after soaking in these therapeutic springs.

The Lithia Spring

Believed to relieve depression and aid digestion, the lithia pool is located at the base of the cliffs and contains three water spouts against the wall and three on a rock in the middle of the pool. Each spout release enriched lithia mineral waters.

The Lithia pool at Ojo Caliente spa.
The Lithia pool at Ojo Caliente spa.

The Iron Spring

The iron rich water of this spring is beneficial to the blood and immune system. Be sure to soak in this pool just before your departure as it prevents fatigue and promotes a healthy skin tone.

The Soda Spring

Enclosed by rock walls, the Soda pool is a silent relaxation pool. It relieves digestive problems and is hands down the best place in the whole spa to take a moment to reflect and meditate.

The Arsenic Spring

While most consider arsenic to be poisonous, it in fact contains the most healing properties and is blended in various pools throughout the property. This mineral water is believed to provide relief from arthritis, stomach ulcers, and various skin conditions.

Kiva Pool

As an added bonus the Kiva Pool is open 6 a.m. to midnight everyday and contains a mixture of iron and arsenic.

There is nothing better than swaying in a hammock after a long road trip and a big move.

Extra: The Mud Pool

Perhaps the most fun part of the Ojo spa experience, the mud pool is your chance to get dirty. First, slather your whole body with natural clay mud. Next, bake in the sun as toxins are drawn out of your pores. To finish, wash away the full body mud mask and feel refreshed and revitalized. For an extra few bucks you can enjoy a milagro wrap and a dip in a private pool.
*Note: the mud may stain your swimsuit so don’t wear your favorite suit.

Don’t be afraid to get your hair wet as your troubles melt away—literally.

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus



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