Bring Your Dogs to These 3 Wineries Next Time You’re in the Texas Hill Country

There are dozens of wineries to visit in Texas Wine Country. But if you’re like me, you want to bring your pups everywhere you can. So when we decided to finally explore the magnificent Texas Hill Country, obviously we brought along Ronald and Mac, our chihuahuas. Scroll to check out our three dog-friendly picks below!

William Chris Vineyards

We started the day off at William Chris Vineyards, a beautiful winery set in front of an expansive vineyard. We enjoyed live music and a bottle of white wine outdoors before wandering through the property in the late morning to take photos (mainly of our dogs).

There are a variety of photo opportunities at William Chris Vineyards so don’t forget your camera.

Kuhlman Cellars

Next up, Kuhlman Cellars, arguably our favorite winery. We enjoyed a custom tasting flight with complimentary seasoned nuts, and a hummus platter, a perfect complement to wide range of wines we chose.

At Kuhlman Cellars, seating comes with a view of the vineyard.
Ronnie (left) and Mac (right) watching me enjoy my delicious wine flight.

Signor Vineyards

Last on our list, Signor Vineyards, probably the most beautiful vineyard we have ever visited. The outdoor patio seating was shaded by mature trees, which made tasting several wines in the afternoon much more pleasant. Past the patio is Joanna’s Market, where you have a gorgeous view of the setting sun over the Joanna Vineyard.

Find cute gifts, small bites, and other boutique items at Joanna’s Market.
One of the many vineyards at Signor, the Joanna Vineyard.
Ronnie (left) and Mac (right) napping and people watching, respectively.

The Next Morning…

A weekend in the Hill Country with our pups would not be complete without a hike, (nice and easy, of course, since our two chihuahuas get tired pretty easily). Our hike of choice: Cibola Nature Preserve. We chose this area to explore because it is home to a network of trails that takes hikers on a mini ecological tour of Texas. We walked through marshes, woods, and along a creek, enjoying changing views and colorful leaves and grasses. The ever-changing scenery kept us on our toes and our favorite landscape was by far the marsh.

Walking through the marshes at Cibola Nature Preserve.

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus


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