The aspens shown magnificently, even in the gloomy weather.

How To Make the Most of Santa Fe in One Day

If you have to choose a time of year to come to Santa Fe, make it autumn. The changing leaves and crisp breeze are nothing short of magic in the air. And if you only have one day, make it Saturday, the best day of the week to explore the City Different.

Start off at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. Located at the Santa Fe Railyard, the Farmers Market is open every Saturday, 7am–1 pm. You’ll want to get there early though as breakfast burritos and farm fresh eggs typically run out by mid-morning.

Across the tracks from the Violet Crown movie theater is the Santa Fe Railyard water tower and, on Saturdays, the famous Santa Fe Farmers Market.
Autumn is chile season in Santa Fe.

After a hearty breakfast burrito, drive north, into the Santa Fe National Forest. While its already snowed in Denver, seemingly skipping autumn and jumping straight to winter, Santa Fe will still be enjoying the autumn air and colors. My hike of choice: Aspen Vistas Trail.

Hiking through the Santa Fe National Forest.
Along the trail, we found several man-made huts.

You won’t want to pass up exploring the different huts and reading the carved warnings on the trees. You’ll feel like you’re in a whole different world even though you’re only 45 minutes away from downtown.

Spend the second half of the day strolling in and out of art galleries along Canyon Road, taking artsy photos.

Beautiful vines clinging to the stucco walls.
Beautiful vines clinging to the stucco walls.

Like most fun days, this one day in Santa Fe will go by too quickly, leaving you wanting more.

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus

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