View of Abiquiu Lake just before sunrise.

Camping Abiquiu Lake is the Answer

As the summer heat sets in over the high desert, take to the lakes of Northern New Mexico. Abiquiu Lake—a gorgeous man-made reservoir—is perfect for boating, fishing, kayaking, and my personal favorite, paddle boarding. A quick 2-hour drive out to the lake, Abiquiu Lake is a great place to pitch a tent, savor the sunset, and disconnect from the world for a day or two.

The sunset at Abiquiu Lake.

So we decided to do just that. Friday evening we drove out just in time for sunset and the following morning we rose with the sun. I filled my camera with nature shots of the lake bathed in the early morning light. The desert never looked so beautiful.

View of Abiquiu Lake just before sunrise.

Minutes from our camping spot is the entrance to the swimming area. With no harsh winds early in the morning, the weather was perfect for paddling and exploring the lake. And what’s paddle boarding without a little yoga? My favorite yoga challenge is wheel pose.  Lift the heart above the head, engaged legs and core, and pray you don’t float away in without the paddle.

Wheel pose on paddle board.

As the wind picks up, paddle boarding becomes increasingly more difficult. But that’s ok, a day away was just enough.

Until next time,

Leah Pinkus

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