This is My Forgiveness Letter—Why You Should Write One Too

Today is Yom Kippur and I've heard “I’m sorry” from so many people. But not from anyone who has hurt me deeply. And now that I think about it no one who has hurt me deeply has ever really apologized, ever. Receiving an apology can be as cathartic and healing as providing one. For some, [...]

My Maui Bucket List

While the Garden Isle of Kauai could have kept us busy for longer than just four days, Maui was just too tempting. Home to some of the world’s best beaches and the legendary Road to Hana, Maui is just one hundred dollars and barely an hour plane ride from Kauai. After all, the best way [...]

My Kauai Bucket List

I fell asleep in the sky somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and woke up to an island of possibilities. Beach hopping, hiking and sailing through the sunset were just a few of the adventures on the Kauai bucket list. Kauai Itinerary: Day 1: Beach hop through northern Kauai. Day 2: Swim at Queen’s Bath and [...]

Celebrating Jake’s Birthday in Albuquerque

If I haven't already introduced him, Jake is my boyfriend, my college sweetheart, my partner in crime, my favorite goober. And every year I plan a surprise for my favorite goober on his birthday (April 6). For his 21st birthday I took him to Coors Brewery for a commemorative t-shirt and three free beers (a [...]

Skiing and Snowboarding at Ski Santa Fe

Even though I lived in Colorado on and off for nearly ten years, (the longest I have ever lived in one state), I've only been skiing twice. My first attempt was when my dad and uncle took me to Breckenridge to go skiing before we left Denver to move to Boston. I spent more time [...]

Soaking Up San Diego

Having lived the majority of my adult life in the mountains, I often forget that I was born and (mostly) raised by the ocean. I was born in New York and enjoyed Connecticut for short while as well. While living in the suburbs of Boston, I spent the summers of my youth at Cape Cod, [...]